How to repair MPP file

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How to repair MPP file of Microsoft Project

Modified on 01/01/2019

MPP Repair Kit is an absolute must-have for any project manager that will help repair corrupt MPP file data in no time and with minimal effort. The program knows how to repair MPP files corrupted in all kinds of accidents and comes with a highly intuitive user interface.

The fixing of corrupted *.mpp file of Microsoft Project - step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download MPP Repair Kit here:
  2. Install MPP Repair Kit
  3. Start MPP Repair Kit
  4. Select corrupted *.mpp file of Microsoft Project
  5. Press Analyze
  6. Confirm the recovery of file by press OK
  7. Preview a recovered project's records
  8. Press Start Recovery button

Corrupt MPP repair tool

Corrupt MPP file repair tool

MPP Repair Kit is a specialized corrupt MPP repair tool that combines the power of a uniquely efficient proprietary core with an interface that is more intuitive and easy to use than 99% of all other products on the market. Created specifically for MS Project recovery, the program aims at a fairly wide audience of project manager of all levels trying to solve the problem of a damaged MPP file. Since these files often contain very important information that entire projects heavily depend on, it is very important to be able to repair corrupt MPP file data as quickly after a crash as possible. This will minimize the interference from the system and other applications and make sure that no further damage is inflicted.

MPP Repair Kit is based on a powerful and fast file analysis core developed by the company's expert using a set of advanced heuristic algorithms. This core effortlessly handles the worst cases of file corruption and restores the structure of damaged Project files in the vast majority of cases. This corrupt MPP file repair tool supports all major versions of MS Project and carefully reconstructs project plans from damaged files, including tasks, their ID's, predecessors, resources, start and end dates, relations and other standard elements.

Thanks to the program's super-intuitive wizard-based interface, it can be efficiently used both by IT professionals and novices who don't know how to repair MPP file data on their own. The tool scans damaged MPP files, identifies recoverable elements in them and saves the restored data to a new Project file ready for editing and manual post-recovery adjustment. MPP Repair Kit never makes any changes to damaged source files, which allows users to resort to other methods of MS Project data recovery, if necessary.

This Microsoft MPP Repair MPP file solution is absolutely indispensable in large organizations that use MS Project as the main project management tool. In case of an accident involving MPP file corruption, the program will help resume the work on the project in no time and will save the company a considerable amount of money, since specialized data recovery services are not cheap at all.

Repair corrupt MPP file

MPP Repair Kit is an all-in-one, compact and user-friendly tool that knows how to repair MPP files corrupted in all kinds of accidents.

Microsoft Project repair MPP

The program offers the following key features:

  • Ultra-fast and thorough MPP data recovery thanks to an all-new recovery engine
  • Sleek, lightweights and intuitive wizard-driven interface that is suitable for users of all skill levels
  • Compatibility with a wide range of MPP file versions
  • Saving of restored files to a new Project file
  • Comprehensive recovery of MPP file elements: task names, ID's, durations, start and end dates, associated resources and much more.
  • Compact installation file size
  • Out-of-the-box operation: no need to download additional libraries or frameworks
How to repair MPP files corrupted?

The demo version of MPP Repair Kit can be downloaded free of charge from the official site of its developer Repair Kit.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above

Customer's reviews and ratings
Cassius Mcfarland 2021-04-06

Finally fixed the file. Now the message that my "project to open in another program" disappeared.

Humberto Briggs 2021-03-18

Projector file gets corrupted after I zip it. It is not clear how this happened. After repairing all the data in its place, I cannot understand what was damaged in the file.

Gatlin Augustine 2021-02-07

Guys, your program did not start on my computer, that is, after installation, I cannot open it. Take advantage of online repair, immediately got the contents of your damaged file. Launched on an unofficial Windows XP in a virtual machine

Sage Emery 2021-02-02

They helped a lot, our delivery plan was delayed due to the breakdown of the MS Project file. We want to thank you, especially the support staff for their help.

Ray Ryker 2020-12-25

I helped a friend fix a damaged MS Project file, and he complains that some tasks are missing from the management. You should have seen how many tasks he has there.

Theandric 2020-12-11

The service does a good job troubleshoot of a corrupted file with .mpp extension, well done! This is the second time I use

Jamir Carson 2020-08-06

Fixed .mpp file Project 2007, the last 3 tasks were not restored, added manually. I thought that the repairing process would fail and I would have to download the program, but the service sent a restored version of the file

Tristian Josue 2020-07-27

I was told that my file is corrupted, because Microsoft Project cannot recognize the file format and does not open it. I don't know how much time you spent repairing, but it took me almost 45 minutes to fix this error. Either the service is slow, or I uploaded it when there was a high load

Dilemma 2020-06-25

When I'm trying to correct a corrupted file by upload file via online repair form. I got recovered file with problems: in some tasks, assign resources were not recovered

Jumboism 2020-06-11

I was able to restore the .MPP file that I showed when I opened and an blank project. But the restored version differs from the old version in that in the first, some tasks do not have a task repetition.

Arglebargle 2020-05-05

I had a problem with a damaged Microsoft Project schedule - missing task information. This service helped me restore a broken .MPP document to the previous save, now it works correctly.

savickroxy 2020-02-28

In the demo version of your PC program, I did not see the data in the preview when the uploaded Microsoft Project file went through the fixing phase. On the site, through the "Online Repair" form in the preview, everything showed and restored perfectly, but I have more than 10 files. Files were corrupted when saved as 2010 files in Microsoft Project 2013. Can you help me, please contact me by email, because I have to restore many files before the end of the semester.

Proj 2018-09-30

MS cannot repair my file. But this tool can repair it. Thanks!

Alex 2017-05-09

My .mpp file of Project 2010 was repaired by this online service on 90%

M 2014-07-08

All projects MPP file was repaired by this software.

Max 2012-01-30


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